Nice to meet you

Amongst the several Frances Fosters on the web (hi fellow Frances Fosters!) I am the British one, the writer.

Let’s Make Hey is my copywriting and content marketing business. Creating conversations, finding fans, building businesses. That sort of thing.

If you need a chatty, enthusiastic writer for your blog… well, you’re in the right place and talking to the right person.

Email me on and we can have a chat about what you need and how I can help. Or you can go over to the Let’s Make Hey website and read more.

LMH runs from the prestigious London office of my settee. Occasionally the office transfers to a nearby coffee shop. I don’t drink coffee, but never mind.

Now the business is done… who wants to see a picture of my puppy?

She sits next to me while I am trying to work, looking like this:

Will I ever go to the park again?

You know, I tell her, some dogs have jobs. Some dogs work for the police or save people’s lives. You can’t even bring a ball back.

I have a particularly redundant degree in Ancient and Medieval History, a Lego pirate ship and a terrible addiction to Coca Cola. I play Guitar Hero very poorly indeed.

I live in an Ikea show home in London with my wife and aforementioned dog. The missus makes video games and thus is far more interesting than I am so you should check her out.

How about you? What brings you here? What’s going on in your world? Email me and let me know.